Monday, 24 September 2012

SKAMBOMAMBO Summer Skank Tour 2012 Day 1

 Date: 26.07.2012
SKAMBOMAMBO:  Here is a day by day Blog Journal of the band during their SKAMBOMAMBO Summer Skank Tour. This is what fans don't see!!! How to pack a van with all equipment, personal luggage, SKMB merc, for 8 guys and no dolls this time.   

Date: 26.07.2012 (Time 13:00) 
 Then it was off to Berlin to Cassopeia
Date: 26.07.2012 (Arrival Time 17:00)
 Date: 26.07.2012 Unload / Soundcheck (time 18:00)   
 Date: 26.07.2012 Feeding Time (time 19:30)    
 Don Mario and Pavarotti don't really look impressed by the food do they?
 SKAMBOMAMBO live at Cassopeia Berlin  Date 26.07.2012 (Time 21:00)
  And the Resignators. Lovely Aussie Band Date 26.07.2012 (Time 22:30)
 But if that wasn't enough for one day. SKAMBOMAMBO starts out of Berlin to head for Calais. A 1000 plus km drive in their SKAMBOBus.

END of DAY 1

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