Thursday, 27 September 2012

SKAMBOMAMBO Summer skank tour Day 3

Day 3
Date: 28.07.2012

Who would dare wake up the SKAMBOMAMBO after such a long two days?? Sleep, sleep, sleep. Wake up call 15:00. Shower, very late brunch and off to Motherlive in Hoxton London.
Date: 28.07.2012 (Time 21:00)

 Skambomambo was the second band on the night. The line-up included Organ Donner, Arbitrators, Best Behavious and Whisky Chasers  
 However the band was much liked by the fans and was asked to reappear again at the end. So Skambomambo  ended up giving two performances on the night.
Date: 28.07.2012 (Time 23:00)
 Here Skambomambo would formally like to thank Lorraine Ska Mama Foster and the Skarettes for being there and saving our merc. We love you so much for everything.

After that it was one big party for Skambomambo and some time to chill out in London.

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