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Skambomambo UK Tour 2011

SKAMBOMAMBO UK Tour 2011 Poster
Skambomambo has set people skanking across the UK. Slowly but surely we'll get through a good resume of the whole tour with pics and videos plus info.
The band covered a total of 5500 km in 14 days, 12 gigs, 2 gigs on one day. A gig in Wrexham had to be cancelled because of health problems but it was great fun. Skambomambo has made loads of friends and increased the Skambomambomob twofold during the band's UK Tour. It has also opened the gates for further future UK bookings so watch out for our latest news. This is where SKAMBOMAMBO will include a complete round-up of the tour, with pics, links, photos, vids and info.


June 11th Wagon & Horses Birmingham   

Great Fun - all the bands were awesome: 
The Sex Pretzels a Sex Pistols Cover Band, 
The Cracked Actors one of Birmingham's finest - Fudge is a great frontman. 
10 O'Clock horses requested the help of Skambomambo drummer Radek to put up their folk punk act 
and of course Skambomambo kicked out their first UK performance ever.

SKAMBOMAMBO Live @ Wagon & Horses
June 13th Bar 12 Worcester

A laid back acoustic Monday at Bar 12. A special gig to thank our ex-drummer Radek and a party for our hosts Sean and Meg and people from Slap Magazine. The gig was not one on schedule but this impromptu act was full of charm and cosy charisma. The pics below are of the SKAMBO Bus sporting our sponsor Szczecin Floating Garden Project 2050 plus Bar 12 and SKAMBOMAMBO's unplugged performance


June 14th Scruffy Murphies Birmingham

Back in Birmingham for SKAMBOMAMBO to team up with Mr Shankly. Awesome band. We are personally recommending this band to anyone interested in cool, cool Music from Birmingham. Ilias the Greek drummer joined the Pol-Ska set-up to put up a really unique show.

Can You Speak Polish? No Only Greek!!
Oh God That Maltese Guy's Gonna Kill Me!
Mr Shankly
Skambomambo @ Scruffy Murphies

June 16th The Horatio London

This ska reggae shrine, simply called The Horatio, opened its doors to the ska made in Pol-Ska, supported by the great Estimators. So many great names have played this joint that it is an honour for any band to add themselves to a long list of well known names that made music history - just to name a few: Sex Pistols, The Ramones, The Clash, The Specials, Bad Manners and that's only for starters.
The Estimators
Skambomambo live @ The Horatio

Don Mario
Skanking to Skambomambo in London

June 17th Keystones The Bunker Worcester

The Keystones was a madhouse, all the people just went totally bunkers, ooops bonkers!!! A 4 band line up -Skambomambo, Imprint Zero, Mr Shankly & Seeleys Jazz'Ole. This was one of the UK Tour highlights and one which will be remembered for a long time. The audience ended up on stage at a point and the Mr Shankly guys whipped up the stage with their Polish Skankin' brothers for a wild version of Sally Brown. Words will never describe this awesome night, hopefully the pics below will convey what squiggles cannot.

June 18th Koko Gorillaz Cardiff

Beneath The Reef, ska/punk from Carmarthen, provided the support for the first SKAMBOMAMBO performance ever in Wales. A great night, a big thank you to the chicken curry and rice at Koko Gorillaz and Dave's Dutch beer, Cathy, Jasmin and all the other girls plus DJs.  

June 19th Animal Friend Sanctuary Kent

Skambomambo played a charity concert to raise money for abandoned animals in need of care and food. Skambomambo loves animals and the band is very happy to help in any way it can. The gig was held in a tent on the grounds of the Animal Friend Sanctuary - strictly eco and vegiterian. Beer allowed.  

June 19th Talking Heads Southampton

Skambomambo was in for a long day on Sunday. A 3 hour drive from Kent and the band set up for the 2nd performance of the day. The illustrious..... Talking Heads. The best of the best played here including Bad Manners, The Selector, The Specials..... just check their list of past and future gigs. The Still Moving DJs are a great live set that played all night before and after the performance. A big thank you goes out to Mr Martin White for the great sound he gave the band. 

Martin White & Skambomambo
Don Mario & Monkey man


20th June The Swan Kidderminster

Monday bash at the Swan featured Skambomambo together with the Stiff joints, the local reggae collective bringing you the very best in Ska and Reggae classics with their own eclectic cover choices thrown in to boot. The music kept on banging on way after official closing time. 

21st June Adam & Eve Birmingham

This was a bit of a let down really as few people turned up and the promotion was poor, but the people who did turn up were cool and awesome and made our gig worthwhile. Our thoughts go to the people who came up all the way from Worcester and Kidderminster to see us and of course the pub is nice and cosy and we had some time to take some photos of ourselves. Birmingham is the place that welcomed us first in the UK and we promise never to forget this wonderful city.


22nd June The Victoria Swindon

Another historic venue. Who has not played here? The wall boasts pictures of The Quire Boys, The Aggrolites, Vice Squad, Hot Leg, Glass Vegas, Joe Turner, Dreadzone, Otis Grand, The Moosers, Snowy White ......... Skambomambo teemed up with folk punk band Missin Rosie. Thumbs up for a great band.


23rd June The Olde Queen's Head Halesowen

A cool end to the UK Tour. An Olde smug place, a Ska punk biker's haven. Skambomambo, Skewwhiff and Teenage Zombies all geared up for one last Polish - British - Maltese bash. 


First person on our list is definitely SEAN COLLIER and his darling Meg for helping us out with most of the gigs - providing us with accomodation, food for a ravishing starved Skambomambo, love and respect. The love birds are now a UK extension of the SkambomamboMob.
Sean & Meg
Other people on our list include all the bands mentioned above especially Mr Shankly for their support, help and great music.

Other bands include the Estimators and Marcello Ellis who organised the London gig for us, The Cracked Actors (keep the flowers going Fudge), 10 O'clock Horses,Beneath The Reef, Skewwhiff, Seeleys Jazz'Ole, Imprint Zero, The Stiff Joints, and Teenage Zombies. Still Moving DJ's.

Mark Hogan from Slap Magazine and Skewwhiff (and his stunning daughter Charley)

Mark Hughes and Martin White from Talking Heads.

Dave Koher, Cathy, Jasmine and all those who helped at Cardiff.

Mark Reynolds for his understanding. Pity we could not physically do the gig up in Wrexham.

Dave Tatty Jones and family at The Olde Queen's Head

Dave Young and Ania from The Victoria

Jim at Bar 12

To all those who came to see us - bought our tickets, merc - or just came in to help us have a great time.

Rob at Meg's

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