Saturday, 29 September 2012

SKAMBOMAMBO Summer skank tour Day 4

Day 4
Date: 29.07.2012

Day 4 was a Sunday and SKAMBOMAMBO saw it was the seventh day and so they rested, content with the work they had made. So what does the band do with a free day? Chat up people and friends on FB, read mags, lounge on Adee's sofa. Laze about, sleep in, stretch your toes and waffle in the bath. Shave. Mundane, run of the mill things on a Sunday far away from home. Not a day to check your accounts. Brrr!

Of Course it could not be so still and quiet for too long. Musicians have big egos and unfulfilled ambitions. Here's the truth coming out. Meet Misiek, in other words Misiek the Pooh our sweet teddy bear on the bass when he's actually SKAMBOMAMBO's drummer. He's even ready to go out on the streets of London promoting the band. XXL Skambo T-Shirt, fits him like a glove.

He's obviously not the only dreamer about. Here's Porek experimenting with a weird instrument he's never seen the likes of before, wishing he was down in Abbey Road and called Porek Lenon.  Yes I guess that would be a good name for him. Anyway there was a jam session on for all the neighbours to enjoy. "Imagine there's no trumpet, and there's only piano, imagine all the people, playing the paino oooh," so Porek sings.

The other hit of the whole tour was a little wrist wrangler called 'Powerball.' It whirred and buzzed all over the SKAMBOMAMBO bus throughout Europe and had now fizzled comfortably into Adee's London hole. Every SKAMBOMAMBO member gave it a real long and good try. By the end it would have wasted itself into a whimper, burnt out by all the guys' twirling around. It's gyroscope went on strike and Pavarotti bought a new one upon arrival. But that's much later.
Here's good old Adee with a knife! Getting ready for a Jack the ripper act on SKAMBOMAMBO. The soups and breakfast he prepared for the band were absolutely ravishing. Thumbs up to the chef, not the Swedish one from the Muppet Show but good old Adee. SKAMBOMAMBO's official chef, manager, tourist guide, PR person, bodyguard, all in one.

In the evening SKAMBOMAMBO landed in Camden for a bit of a social mix around. This is the story of a band that is out on the road with all the fun mixed up with the hardships of the trade. Penniless, we got offered drinks and a lot of love by people who make the band's effort to survive in this tough music market worthwhile.


SKAMBOMAMBO Summer skank tour Day 2

Day 2
Date 27.07.2012

Asleep or awake in the van, the Skambobus goes through Germany, Holland, Belgium all the way to Calais. All the guys have their preferred sleeping and snoring sk2 two-triple tone rhythms.The SKAMBObus has comfortable seats but all of us are dreaming of the comfy beds they slept in only last night. 
 Date 27.07.2012 (Time 01:00)
The Drivers Misiek and Daniel and Navigator Don Mario stop for a well deserved and needed  coffee break.
Date 27.07.2012 (Time 02:00)
 And so on from one phase to another, sweet dreams to grim reality.
Date 27.07.2012 (Time 04:00)
 The sun rises on the SKAMBObus somewhere in Belgium.
Date 27.07.2012 (Time 08:00)

Finally the Skambobus lands in Calais and it's time to take the ferry to the white, white hills of Dover
Date 27.07.2012 (Time 12:00)
Below it.s obvious that on the right, one can see the guys who slept most of the way and to the left, Daniel who had the last shift as a driver on the right. Funny thing is SKAMBOMAMBO gained a full hour thanks to time difference between CET time and GMT mean time.   
Date 27.07.2012 (Time 12:00)
 This was Misiek's first time ever to the UK and he could hardly wait!

Skambomambo is in Dover at around 13.30 and then a 3 hour drive to London. It is time for the London Olympics and there is a lot of traffic, but the Skambomambo arrives at 17:00. No sleep, no shower. Time to gig all over again. Our host, manager in London is the best guy in the world. Meet Adee, in the photo on the left with Don Mario.
  Date 27.07.2012 (Time 17:00) 

We don't have any photos of our first gig in London this time. Unfortunately we had run out of battery power. It was a long night with Skambomambo coming up as the second band, with the Live Vice, Candy Rose and Something Simple. 

Date 27.07.2012 (Time 24:00) 
The band finally gets some sleep.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

SKAMBOMAMBO Summer skank tour Day 3

Day 3
Date: 28.07.2012

Who would dare wake up the SKAMBOMAMBO after such a long two days?? Sleep, sleep, sleep. Wake up call 15:00. Shower, very late brunch and off to Motherlive in Hoxton London.
Date: 28.07.2012 (Time 21:00)

 Skambomambo was the second band on the night. The line-up included Organ Donner, Arbitrators, Best Behavious and Whisky Chasers  
 However the band was much liked by the fans and was asked to reappear again at the end. So Skambomambo  ended up giving two performances on the night.
Date: 28.07.2012 (Time 23:00)
 Here Skambomambo would formally like to thank Lorraine Ska Mama Foster and the Skarettes for being there and saving our merc. We love you so much for everything.

After that it was one big party for Skambomambo and some time to chill out in London.

Monday, 24 September 2012

SKAMBOMAMBO Summer Skank Tour 2012 Day 1

 Date: 26.07.2012
SKAMBOMAMBO:  Here is a day by day Blog Journal of the band during their SKAMBOMAMBO Summer Skank Tour. This is what fans don't see!!! How to pack a van with all equipment, personal luggage, SKMB merc, for 8 guys and no dolls this time.   

Date: 26.07.2012 (Time 13:00) 
 Then it was off to Berlin to Cassopeia
Date: 26.07.2012 (Arrival Time 17:00)
 Date: 26.07.2012 Unload / Soundcheck (time 18:00)   
 Date: 26.07.2012 Feeding Time (time 19:30)    
 Don Mario and Pavarotti don't really look impressed by the food do they?
 SKAMBOMAMBO live at Cassopeia Berlin  Date 26.07.2012 (Time 21:00)
  And the Resignators. Lovely Aussie Band Date 26.07.2012 (Time 22:30)
 But if that wasn't enough for one day. SKAMBOMAMBO starts out of Berlin to head for Calais. A 1000 plus km drive in their SKAMBOBus.

END of DAY 1