Saturday, 7 July 2012

Skambomambo in Kidderminster

 Home to some of the greatest names in Rock history - mainly Robert Plant and other musicians he played with - Kidderminster has become SKAMBOMAMBO's home in the Midlands. The band relaxed, boozed and partied in this green, green quaint little town, making it a perfect escape from the larger Midland cities and venues. SKAMBOMAMBO found Kidderminster to be a great place to be, made a lot of local friends, got acquianted with several pubs round town - especially  The Swan where the band gave their farewell performance to the Midlands this time around.

An inspiring place - here the Band is on the Devil's Seat together with our host, brother, saviour Dysfunctional!!! Led Zeppelin territory, laid back and lots of love shared. Love to Meg, The Flower Lover, Pops, Ed, Colin ... to the Croatian and Slovenian girls who gatecrashed into our party and stayed on with us for the following week, Big Dave, all of you at Swan, Katie for her pics and living close to Meg's..... and a lot of faces and names we will remember forever.  

A big round of applause for the 3 bands that played with us everywhere: Mr Shankly - Lobster and Stiff Joints -Apples. The last gigs in the UK were in Moseley at The Bull's Head - together with Skafinger and Lobster and then in Bristol with The Richardson Maneuver.

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