Saturday, 26 May 2012


Friday the 13th - April 2012. SKAMBOMAMBO returned to the UK. The Dublin Castle in Camden London kick started SKAMBOMAMBO's second invasion of the UK, this time as part of the Made to Specification Tour. A larger and a livelier London crowd than then one that attended last year filled the club, which goes to show that SKAMBOMAMBO is creating a little buzz in UK's capital city. It was quite a feat and an honour for SKAMBOMAMBO to play in one of Amy Winehouse's favourite venues, Madness, the Specials, The Clash, Sex Pistols and a staggering and awesome list of fame. London based SMILING IVY, a reggae - ska set-up were the opening act, followed by loyal friends MR SHANKLY who would accompany the Polish band on many other occasions and finally SKAMBOMAMBO.

Some interesting stats - Szczecin is 1300km away from London. The band bought it's very own SKAMBOBus for the tour.


SKAMBOMAMBO performing at the Dublin Castle Camden, London.

We would like to thank everybody at Dublin Castle. Lots of love to the guy who saved our life and was our host in London - Adee!!!!! Here's a photo of SKAMBOMAMBO with Adee and Pete from Mr Shankly. Respect! 

And finally our own pics of Camden Market. SKAMBOMAMBO will be back again and that is a promise.

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