Friday, 16 March 2012


To all those interested,

Skambomambo is launching it's new CD MADE TO SPECIFICATION tomorrow on St. Patrick's Dat 17.03.2012.
The premier launch will be videostreamed LIVE on .
Transmission will start at 16:00 where SKAMBOMAMBO and crew will start their promotional tour of Szczecin Town in the SKAMBOLIMO and end God knows when in the morning!!!!!

Although the timetable will be sketchy it should go along these lines:

16:30 Galeria Kaskada
17:00 Empik - The largest music store network in Poland. Interview, CD sales officially open, radio and T.V. interview and a short acoustic set by SKAMBOMAMBO.
18:00 Brama Jazz Cafe - Wine Time.
19:00 Free Blues Club - Sound Check
21:00 Free Blues Club - SKAMBOMAMBO Gig
22.30 Longplay Pub - Beer Time plus mini - one two song performance.
23:00 Kafe Jerzy - Wodka Time
23:40 Rocker Club - Mini - one two song performance
24:30 City Hall (Szczecin's Finest club) After Party

Please Note : TIME IS CET time that is GMT time +1
As the band is coming over to the UK as from the 13th of April 2012, we feel that this would be excellent promotional material for our ticket sales and for the fans. We're out to have a skankin' time, do spread the word.

Thank you and here's hoping you do join in the fun virtually.
All the Best
From Skambomambo.

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